26th World Film Festival Montreal

22.08.2002 to 02.09.2002


The Last Train
El último tren - Der letzte Zug
Directed by:

© Pegasos

Through an exciting and humorous narrative, this film employs the metaphor of a train journey to reveal what happens when three older men and a young boy make a courageous decision to challenge cultural and commercial mores. The story is enhanced by its attention to generations working together to transform vulnerabilities into acts of power and love which inspire others to act.

Casomai - Trauen wir uns?!
Directed by:

This film demonstrates the responsibility that family, friends and working colleagues have to provide support to a married couple. Througfh an innovative priest's sermon, the film uses humour to examine stereotypical images of family life that emphasises the essential role of love, commitment and community in confronting those forces in society which undermine marital solidarity.