48th Molodist International Film Festival Kyiv

25.05.2019 to 02.06.2019

The Ecumenical Jury at the Molodist Film Festival in Kiev in 2019 awarded three prizes. Their choices for Best Feature-Length Film was "Systemsprenger" by Nora Fingscheidt (Germany 2019), for Best Student Film "Provence" by Kato de Boeck (Belgium 2018), and for Best Short Film "Unconditional Love" by Rafał Łysak.

The Grand Prix of the Festival went to "Sauvage" by Camille Vidal-Naquet (France 2018). The Prize for the Best Feature Film was awarded by the International Competition Jury to "House of Hummingbird" by Bo-Ra Kim (South Korea 2018), who also won the Prize of the International Film Critics Jury (Fipresci). Like the Ecumenical Jury, the festival jury awarded "Unconditional Love" as Best Short Film.

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System Crasher
Directed by:

Benny breaks through all social systems. Again and again the 9-year-old girl has aggressive outbreaks. She herself is very vulnerable. She longs for love and home. All professional social workers are reaching their limits. The film impresses with the intensive play of the main actress. Camera, editing, colouring and music all correspond to the story in a great way.

Directed by:

11-year-old Camille is jealous, older girls flirt with her brother Tuur during the holidays. Everything changes when she learns that Tuur doesn't love any girl. A sensitive film about awakening sexuality with great young actors.

Unconditional Love
Directed by:

The documentary shows a grandmother and her gay grandson, the director of the film. She is torn between a traditional attitude supported by church morals and her "unconditional love" for her grandson. «The greatest is love» (1 Corinthian 13:13)