47th Molodist International Film Festival Kyiv

27.05.2018 to 03.06.2018

The Ecumenical Jury Kiev 2018 with winner Julia Tamtura (left) (© Molodist '47/Landa)

The Ecumenical Jury at Molodist 2018 has awarded its prizes in the three international competition sections: to the Peruvian film "Retablo" by Álvaro Delgado Avaricio (full length films), to "Petites filles" by Camille Japy from France (short films) and "The Moment" by Julia Tamtura from the Ukraine (student films). The Fipresci (International Film Critics) choose "Jusqu'a la garde" (Custody) by Xavier Legrand as their winner. The Grand Prix of the festival was awarded to "The Saint" by Andrius Blaževičius (Lithuania, Poland, 2017). 

On May 27, 2018, the 47th International Film Festival "Molodist" opened in Kiev after the 2016 festival has not taken place. The opening film was the Polish production "Twarz" (Mug / Face) by Małgorzata Szumowska. 176 films were in the festival program, 50 of which were shown in one of the six competition programs.

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14-year-old Segundo is taught the craft of making retablos, Peruvian story-boxes, by his father. But his world collapses when he witnesses an incident. Nevertheless, his love for his father gives him the strength to move ahead. The director captivates us with the colorful and lively world he portrays and the respect he shows for the Quechuan culture of the Andes.

Directed by:

Under the shock of death, mother-daughter relationships rekindle the life force. The film reminds us with humour and in an unexpected way that death is an integral part of life.

The Moment
Der Augenblick
Directed by:

In only six minutes, the film shows the power of love. From the ruins of his house, a young soldier phones his mother and shares with her his belief in a hopeful and peaceful future.

More about the festival

The Festival in Kyiv (Ukraine) is more than 40 years old, and it was a pleasure to observe in this beautiful capital that the majority of inhabitants seem younger than that! Devoted to 'the Youth'  (Molodist), this first films competition had its inaugural venue aboard a ship on the noble Dniepr...