37th Film Festival Max Ophuels Prize

18.01.2016 to 24.01.2016
Ecumenical Jury MOP 2016

© Sebastian Woithe

The Ecumenical Jury, from left: Gerhard Alt, Melanie Pollmeier, Julia Sarah Stroß, Wolf-Deiter Scheid

The Film Festival Max Ophuels Prize in Saarbruecken, dedicated to young talented film directors in German-speaking countries, in 2016 screened 16 productions in the competition, 12 from Germany and one from Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and the United States each. "Der Nachtmahr" (The Nightmare) by AKIZ from Germany won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, endowed with 2000.- €, and was also awarded by the Youth Jury. The Max Ophüls Prize 2016 was awarded to "One of Us" by Stefan Richter, a production from Austria. In addition to the main competition for feature films, the festival has other competitive sections for medium-length films, documentaries and short films.

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The Nightmare
Directed by:

“The Nightmare” concerns dealing with anxieties. The audience takes part in Tina’s growing self-awareness. She meets her own shady sides in form of a strange creature which she learns to accept – Tina’s internal world gets visible by the nightmare. At the same time the film is about the acceptance of personal peculiarities and the social approach to anomalies. For these issues AKIZ has found an extraordinarily artistic expression, provoking, irritating – and convincing.