12th International Film Festival Miskolc

Jameson CineFest
11.09.2015 to 20.09.2015

Claudia Cardinale in "Once Upon a Time in the West" (© Paramount)

As part of a Western retrospective Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in the West" opened the 12th Internatioal Film Festival Miskolc. Claudia Cardinale, main actress in Leone's classic, was honoured by a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Ecumenical Jury awarded a prize to one of the 19 competition entries of long feature films. It choose "Superwelt" (Superworld) by Austrian director Karl Markovics as winner, whose "Atmen" (Breathing) already won the prize of the church film jury and the international festival jury in 2011. In addition, the Ecumenical Jury awarded a Commendation to the Romanian thriller "De ce eu?" (Why Me?) by Tudor Giurgiu. The Turkish competition entry "Mustang" by Deniz Gamze Ergüven won the Emeric Pressburger Prize, the main award of the festival.

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Directed by:

A married woman discovers that her life is suffocated by routine. It is a painful awakening and she fights against it. The film gives hope that everybody can change his life and discover its beauty.

Why Me?
Directed by:

"Why me?" is the struggle of a young honest Romanian prosecutor to find the truth in a corrupted environment for which he sacrifices himself. The story is a dark and complex thriller but still shows the possibility of resistance and integrity.