7th Golden Apricot International Film Festival Yerevan

11.07.2010 to 18.07.2010

The members of the  Ecumenical Jury (f.l.): Ganna Urizio, Marek Lis and Gevorg Saroyan


Awards of the Ecumenical Jury

Don't Look Into the Mirror
Directed by:

Full of imagination and artistic metaphoric language, the film presents an existential human journey in search of identity in a confused world -  an identity which can be found only by recognizing oneself in other human beings.

How I Ended This Summer
Mein Sommer mit Sergej
Directed by:

With laconic but rich and essential images the film, set in an isolated and silent landscape, shows the development of a confrontation among two men with different values and priorities. As the conflict implodes and it seems impossible for them to communicate, a sign of forgiveness opens a possibility of a silent dialogue and of a final reconciliation among the two.