64th Festival del Film Locarno

03.08.2011 to 13.08.2011

The members of the Ecumenical Jury (from left): Ieva Pietruka, Konastantin Terzis, Daria Lepori, Sanne e. Grunnet, Joachim Valentin, Christian Wessely

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Awards of the Ecumenical Jury

Special Flight
Directed by:

In his touching and authentic documentary Fernand Melgar leads the audience into the Frambois detention center where ordinary people never go and where hopes and fears of different men culminate. Guards as well as detainees act human under inhuman conditions, so the spectator is enabled to see them all as individuals with a family, religion and their own dignity, lacking only justice.

Among Us
Directed by:

Done with considerable craftsmanship this film shows us that the subtle Xenophobia of western people, often covered only by a thin layer of cultural conventions, distracts from the fact, that violence and lack of communication are generic issues of the clean and "well organized" suburbs.

Back to Stay
Abrir puertas y ventanas - Offene Türen, offene Fenster
Directed by:

Three different orphan sisters left alone in a beautiful house full of past memories have to cope with becoming an adult. Evoking a dense atmosphere, Mumenthaler shows that there are various, sometimes painful, ways becoming an individual and that although memory guides us to accept the present, one still has doors and windows to open.