45th International Film Festival Cannes

07.05.1992 to 18.05.1992


Stolen Children
Gestohlene Kinder
Les enfants volés
Directed by:

Told simply with modesty but with a great sensiblity, this is the story of an encounter and a conversion. A representative of the law and two children rejected by an egoistic and hypocritical society journey together across Italy. During the trip, they discover trust and love and become creators of hope.

In the Country of Juliets
Ein Tag und eine Nacht
Directed by:

This film shows how three inmates, during a leave of absence, discover their solidarity with each other. They thus find hope in their ability to take charge of their situation.

The Journey
Die Reise
Le voyage
Directed by:

Through an initiatory journey from the south to the north of Latin America, Solanas paints a vast political fresco, full of symbols and metaphors. A denunciatory film, "El Viaje" is a call for more justice anchored in a real search for identity. (Photo: © trigon-film)