51st Berlin International Film Festival

07.02.2001 to 18.02.2001

Awards of the Ecumenical Jury

Italian for Beginners
Italienisch für Anfänger
Directed by:

The fresh, inspirational film portrays universal human values like love and compassion in a simple and humorous way.

Directed by:

Wit poignantly portrays the journey of a woman to her death. In the course of the film, this scholar of aesthical poetry of life and death, must confront the impersonality of her cancer treatment, surrender the masks behind which she hides and search for hope in the face of imminent death.

Directed by:

Blue End, a classical documentary, examines the digital instrumentalization of the body of an executed murderer. The film strongly confronts the question of how the justice system and modern science treat the person and in doing so raises basic questions of human dignity.

The New Country
Das neue Land

The film, funny and full of good ideas, tells about friendship and hope, and takes seriously the  plight of refugees.