Philipp Huch-Hallwachs


Nurse and economist
Country of origin: 

After completing a traineeship as a nurse, Philipp Huch-Hallwachs (*1958) graduated with a Diplom degree in economics and has worked in the healthcare sector. As a presbyter, he co-initiated and implemented the socio-educationally supervised project "Miteinander der Generationen" (Inter-generational Togetherness) around 15 years ago as part of a cooperation between the city of Saarlouis and the Protestant parish. He is currently chairman of the Freie Kunstschule Saarlouis e. V. and also chairman of the state association of art schools that promote socio-cultural work. The focus is on social participation in combination with creativity, art as its medium. In co-operation with the local schools, the area of digital art and media education work is currently being promoted.


22.01.2024 to 28.01.2024