Martin Horálek

Journalist and dramaturg
Country of origin: 
Czech Republic

Martin Horálek started to work as a chemistry teacher after secondary school. During this time, he began to study theology and history more intensively and finally decided to study at the Theological Faculty in Olomouc. In 1998, he was accepted in the Merrill Program of the Moravian College in Bethlehem (PA). After graduation, he started to work at the Media Center of the Czech Bishops Conference - first as a redactor, then as the spokesman of the Czech catholic bishops. In 2007 came a tempting offer for the position of press officer of the Christian Democratic Party and spokesman of the vice-premier of the national government. He worked for this conservative political party for six years, finally as a chief manager in the presidential campaign. Since 2013, he works as an Editor in Chief for the Religious Broadcast Center of Czech TV. He is the head of the editorial board of a prominent magazine and participated in several international conferences.


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