Gundi Doppelhammer

Cultural Scientist
Country of origin: 

Gundi Doppelhammer is a cultural scientist with the main emphasis on literature and film. She works free lance; writes critics, moderates screenings and talks on film and conducts workhops with the focus on movies and cinema.  Very interested in different forms of art she relates aspects of modern art and storytelling to visitors of a museum in Hannover.

She is involved in the working group Church and Cinema (‚Kirche und Film‘) of the Protestant Church (Evangelische Landeskirche Hannovers), works for their Church and Cinema project and is a member of INTERFILM. Membership at the INTERFILM-Jury at the Film School Fest Munich 2019.


01.06.2023 to 07.06.2023
01.05.2021 to 10.05.2021