Diane Falque

Country of origin: 

Since 2017, she has been fully involved in film activities with a Christian perspective. She participates in the Cannes Film Festival on behalf of the association SIGNIS France as a supporter of the Ecumenical Jury. In this capacity she is the editor of the website cannes.juryoecumenique.fr.  At the same time, she participates in the organisation of the "Des hommes et des films" Festival in the diocese of Lille. With the organising team of which she is a member, 10 evening debates are proposed throughout the territory of the diocese. Since 2018, she has been in charge of the animation of cinema retreats as well as of the "Halte spirituelle cinéma" days at the Centre Spirituel du Haumont (Mouvaux). In 2021, she joined the board of the SIGNIS France association. She is also a member of the Vie Chrétienne Community.


18.03.2022 to 27.03.2022