Claude Jeanne Sury Bonnici

Geographer and art historian
Country of origin: 

Claude Jeanne Sury Bonnici earned various degrees in geography in 1966/1967. In 2001 she received her PhD in Art History from the University of Paris IV Sorbonne. From 1966 until her retirement in 2007 she was an adjunct professor for history / geography and from 1987-2007 professor for cinema and audiovisual as well as a member of the jury for the baccaleuréat with the option of cinema. She joined Pro-Fil in the Marseille Group in 2007 and was elected to Pro-Fil's board of directors in 2013. She has been producing critical sheets for the pro-fil website and, also since 2018, and writes film reviews in Protestant newspapers in south-eastern France.


16.07.2021 to 25.07.2021