Astrid Skov-Jakobsen

Film critic
Country of origin: 

Astrid Skov-Jakobsen (1989), a film critic from Denmark, graduated in film and media studies at the University of Copenhagen. During her studies she contributed several of her reviews to online Danish publications. Until recently, she worked in communications technology and on the development of information brochures at a destination management company. She also writes about storytelling in film.


The Zlín film festival has since 1961 been showcasing cinematic portrayals of the joys and tribulations of childhood and youth. The selected films came from all around of the world, treating strong subjects of a wide variety. The international perspective provided by a worldwide film selection left a poignant impression of childhood as a universal human experience, says Astrid Skov-Jacobson, member of the Ecumenical Jury in Zlín 2016.


27.05.2016 to 03.06.2016