Anne Le Cor

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Anne Le Cor (*1971) teaches English and film at the Lycée polyvalent Louis et Auguste Lumière in La Ciotat (France). She studied English literature, culture and cinematography at the Université Rennes II (France). She is a member of SIGNIS Cinéma and serves on the board of directors. She also writes film reviews on the SIGNIS website (SIGNIS Culture). She was a member of the pre-selection jury for documentaries at the Festival International du Film d’Aubagne from 2016 to 2021. As a member of the ecumenical association ACAT (Action des Chrétiens pour l’Abolition de la Torture) she organizes the human rights film festival Rencontres Cinématographiques des Droits de l’Homme en Provence.


16.02.2023 to 26.02.2023
04.08.2021 to 14.08.2021