Adriana Răcășan

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Adriana Răcășan is producer for Libra Film Productions (Tudor Giurgiu), and shareholder of the production company Point Film (Romanian co-producer of "Servants", world premiere at Encounters / Berlinale 2020). A graduate in film directing, she began her career in cinema 18 years ago and worked as assistant director and production manager for many Romanian productions. She was Francis Ford Coppola's personal assistant during the shooting of „Youth Without Youth”. Since 2007 she was also involved in the organizational team of several film festivals and events such as Transilvania IFF, Gopo Awards, NexT IFF, Milano IFF and Anim’est. Most recently she has produced several short films and was the executive producer of 2 feature films. In 2019 she was delegated by the Roman-Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest to be the producer and main organizer of the Bucharest events for Pope Francis’ historical visit to Romania. She currently is Vice President of SIGNIS Romania and recently founded Angelus TV, a Catholic National Television in Romania, which started to broadcast at November 2021.


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