62nd Zlín Film Festival

International Film Festival for Children and Youth
25.05.2022 to 01.06.2022

On 1 June, the 62nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín ended with the award ceremony. The Ecumenical Jury awarded two prizes. Their Prize went to "Coast" by Jessica Hester and Derek Schweickart (USA 2022), an Honourable Mention to "Bigman" by Camiel Schouwenaar (Netherlands, Germany 2022).

The festival's main prize is the Golden Slipper, which is awarded in four competition categories. The Golden Slipper in the international competition for feature films for children went to "Gandhi & Co" by Manish Saini (India, 2021). The competition for feature films for young people was won by "Olga" by Elie Grappe (France, Switzerland, Ukraine 2021), the one for juniors by "A Second Life" by Anis Lassoued (Tunisia 2021). The Golden Slipper in the animated short film competition was awarded to "Suzie in the Garden" by Lucie Sunková (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, 2022). The international jury of the European Children's Film Association (ECFA) awarded its Presi for Best European Documentary for Young Audiences to "Gabi, Between the Ages 8 and 13" by Engeli Brobert (Sweden, Norway, Denmark 2021).

Since 2000, an Ecumenical Jury has awarded prizes to films from the international competitions. There are currently competitions for feature and animated films in the age groups for children, juniors and youth, and since 2018 also a competition for documentaries.

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For its unpretentious way of telling a simple coming of age story of the 16 years old Abby, growing up in a small Californian rural community, with a large immigrant population. A place that a rebel such as Abby has to make out in order to find herself by leaving behind her roots, mother’s footsteps, family and friends issues, or even boredom. But sometimes dreams are just not big enough to leave home. A beautiful story about the brother of the prodigal son that never left town, but still made important life path choices by staying.

Directed by:

For the inspirational drive of the 13 year old protagonist Dylan to overcome sufferance and vulnerability after an accident and pursue happiness and fulfill his passion by any means and sacrifices. For depicting so nicely children’s friendship, solidarity and wisdom above adults parenting shortcomings.