The Staffroom
Directed by: 
The Staffroom (Sonja Tarokić)

Anamarija starts her job as a counsellor at a new school and gradually starts to find her footing in this unfamiliar environment. Together with her, the viewers begin to appreciate what kind of people the teachers are, they experience first-hand the petty staffroom squabbles, the bickering between pupils, communication with parents and, ultimately, the power games behind the scenes. The dynamic camera work, carefully choreographed scenes, and the precision direction highlight the strength of this self-assured debut from Sonja Tarokić about the individual’s struggle within the system and the effort required to preserve one’s integrity. More broadly, the film represents a complex study of an institution whose staff have taken on one of the most responsible roles an adult can have – to educate future generations. (Lenka Tyrpáková, Film Festival Karlovy Vary)