Dein Herz tanzt

Into the Beat
Directed by: 
Into the Beat (Stefan Westerwelle)

Katya is an outstanding ballet talent. She trains hard for auditions at the New York Ballet Academy and has a good chance of getting a scholarship. But when she meets a group of street dancers, a whole new world opens up to her; unlike classical ballet, urban dance is free and explosive, without rules. Katya's heart catches fire for the new style, where she can express all her emotions – and for the introverted Marlon, a gifted hip-hop dancer. He recognizes her dancing potential and asks her to participate in an audition with him for the world-famous street dance crew Sonic Tigers. Katya dives into a never before experienced attitude to a life of light-heartedness, community and spontaneity. She knows that she cannot go back to dancing ballet. But her father Victor, a famous ballet star, has a different opinion.