Silencio Radio

Radio Silence
Directed by: 
Radio Silence (Juliana Fanjul)

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In March 2015, Carmen Aristegui, the most well-known voice of independent journalism in Mexico, was dismissed with her team from the MVS radio station due to political pressure and false allegations. The next day, more than 200,000 people demonstrated and signed a petition demanding her return to the station and the end of the censorship. Despite this extraordinary mobilisation, the station does not give in.

The documentary RADIO SILENCE delves into Carmen Aristegui's long and dangerous struggle. It is a struggle against the monopolistic concentration of the media in Mexico and against an authoritarian and corrupt political system that is undermined by threats and intimidation by drug cartels. With extraordinary courage Carmen and her team are taking on the daunting task of creating their own space for free and independent expression in order to continue to reach people and raise awareness of the abuses in their home country.