NoirBLUE - Deslocamentos de uma Dança

NoirBLUE - Displacements of a Dance
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The radiance of the sky that transcends all borders, the longing and melancholy of the space of night and day, and everything in between, are narrated by the bright blue: the physical challenge, beauty, elegance and suppression of the transformations by the blue dance; identity, home, home and tears by the voice from the blue depth of the heart. The film "NoirBLUE - Displacements of a Dance" varies the poetic engagement with differences and variabilities by the phrase "I'm from all these places", never moralising, always crossing bridges and connecting: leave the pain and injury of your ancestors behind, hope for the blessing of those who come after you; the blueness of love will transcend all boundaries when we are what we will be.

(Jury motivation)