Per Fugelli: Siste resept

Per Fugelli: The Last Prescription
Directed by: 
Per Fugelli: siste resept (Erik Poppe)

Per Fugelli (1943-2017) was a Norwegian doctor, a professor of social medicine and a forceful voice in the public sphere. In his view, the health of an individual is to a large degree dependent on social relationships. Fugelli spent his life addressing questions of freedom and respect, campaigning for rights of the less fortunate.
Fugelli was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009. In 2015 he said no to further treatment. In the final phase of his life, he challenged the taboo of speaking about death by writing books about his own struggle with fatality. He also allowed his close friend, director Erik Poppe to follow him as far as possible on this journey. The result is an intensely beautiful film filled with gripping solemnity and warm laughter. (Festival information, Tromsø International Film Festival 2018)