Flickan som räddade mitt liv

The Girl Who Saved My Life
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The Girl Who Saved My Life

© Hogir Hirori

It's August 2014, Documentary filmmaker Hogir Hirori leaves his pregnant wife in Sweden to go back to their homeland and document refugees' stories. It is war again, more than 1.4 million people are fleeing from IS terror. At the border between Iraqi and Syria he got a chance to accompany a helicopter transport to Shingal mountains, where hundreds of thousands are stuck. On his way he finds a 11-year-old girl lying alone, in pain in the 45 degree heat. He decides to stay with her, and this way Souad saves his life, because the helicopter crashes later on. We join Hogir on his journey to find Souad again and witness war stories that leave no one untouched. (Swedish Film Database)