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Twenty. That’s how many days remain before Mr. Soleimani closes his reception hall. The hall hosts mainly mourning receptions (and occasionally a wedding), and the sorrow they invariably bring has drained the owner so much that his psychologist has recommended closing down his business immediately. His employees, however, view his visits to a real estate broker with great suspicion, and the announcement of the hall’s sale and subsequent demolition completely crushes them. They are five ordinary people for whom the reception hall is more than a job. The disabled cook, whose wife helps out in the kitchen for no pay, even sleeps in the hall’s basement. For a young widow with a little girl, her job at the hall is the only refuge in a world run by men. And both waiters carefully hide from their boss that they have nowhere to go. The closing of the hall is a threat which each of them, in his or her own way, tries to thwart.... This subtle, psychological drama, masterfully walking the line between comedy and tragedy, creates a world of caring characters eloquently imprinted by the world of modern Iran. (Festival information)