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The Sami (also known as Lapps) are the indigenous people of northern Sweden; they have their own language, culture, faith and ways. And a large part of this culture involves the herding of reindeer. Klemens is a Sami who would like to keep with the old ways of reindeer herding but is pressured by family and others in the village to sell the herd and let his 18-year-old nephew Nejla go off to school instead of learning how to keep the animals. When Klemens' reindeer herd is attacked by a wolf, he and Nejla go out on their snowmobiles to survey the damage and they soon find the culprit. Klemens sends his nephew home. He would like to kill the wolf, but but prefers doing it alone. Wolves are an endangered species and anyone caught can be jailed for up to four years according to Swedish law. Klemens doesn't want Nejla implicated. So he sets out after the wolf alone, but when he finds the predator he also finds that his nephew has had the same idea. Who will do the deed? And if the crime is eventually uncovered, who will take the blame? A story from the wilderness, where conditions of survival challenge the rules of society. (Festival information)