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Without falling into naive folklorism, Sergei Dwortsewojs "Tulpan" gives the audience an understanding of the living conditions and culture of the people of Kazakhstan’s "hunger steppe". At the same time the comedic story of a young man courting a young girl vainly but obstinately displays universal dimensions of human life. It is about the personal hopes and dreams chafing at the limits imposed by external conditions of life and relationships. Last but not least the film focusses on the family as a "trouble spot" but also as a vital powerhouse. The film benefits from a visual language that often almost like a documentary captures the everyday life of the nomads, but develops a great poetry as well. Despite its attention for the hardness of people’s circumstances it conveys not least a sense for the preciousness of life.

Tulpan also got the Special Award of the International Festival Jury for Best Direction.

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