Gitmek: Benim Marlon ve Brando

Gitmek: My Marlon and Brando
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Ayca is a Turkish actress living in Istanbul. On a film set in the West of Turkey, she meets Hama Ali, a Kurdish actor. The two fall in love while shooting a film. After the shoot Ayca returns to Istanbul and Hama has to go back to his home, Suleymaniye in northern Iraq. Ayca and Hama continue their relationship on the telephone and via letters, while America prepares to attack Iraq. The post often does not work and the phone lines in Iraq are usually cut off. From time to time, Ayca receives a declaration of love from her lover on video. But Ayca can no longer bear the distance between them and decides to travel to northern Iraq. However, to get into a country at war turns to be just as difficult as to get out. (Festival information)