Shab bekheir farmandeh

Goodbye Life
Directed by: 

A film which describes the terrors of war as seen through the eyes of a fragile reporter who manages to overcome her thoughts of suicide on the battle field. This drama, conceived as harsh “psychotherapy”, tells of the beautiful Maryam who, after her unsuccessful marriage, thinks of committing suicide in a way which would at least be of some use to others. She thus enters the Iran-Iraq war as a reporter. Her time spent in the devastated desert landscape, armies spilling over from one side to the other depending on which has the upper hand, totally changes her vision of the world. She is surrounded by suffering and pain, even in the village where she goes to find shelter after her unit is massacred. A wedding in the village ends in tragedy. The close of the film again finds Maryam at the front, where she comes across her friend, the commander Beshar. (Festival information) (Foto: © Film Servis Karlovy Vary)