Three Dollars

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An honest, compassionate man in his late 30s, Eddie works in a government office responsible for assessing land earmarked for development. One day he loses his job and is escorted from the building. Eddie finds himself with a wife, a child and three dollars in his pocket. Eddie's world revolves around the three women in his life: his brilliant wife Tanya, a passionate academic, their 6-year-old daughter Abby, who heightens the stakes on every decision Eddie makes, and his childhood sweetheart Amanda, who reappears in his life withmathematical certainty every nine and a half years.

At any other time, the world would have smiled on Eddie. But times have changed and the world values other things. Surviving with a bit of self-deprecating wit, spirited sensitivity and a big heart, Eddie's life is rich with the pleasures and pains of love, family, friendship and marriage. But with only three dollars to his name, Eddie will be faced with a choice that will change the direction of his life forever.