Gaz Bar Blues

Directed by: 
Gaz Bar Blues (Louis Bélanger)

François Brochu, a.k.a. "Le Boss", runs his gas station-cum-neighbourhood café as best he can, with the help of his three sons and a loyal friend, Gaston, who lends a hand from time to time. Unfortunately for the Boss, his two oldest sons aren't interested in business: Réjean, the eldest, dreams of becoming a photographer and travelling around the world documenting social change, while Guy just wants to play the blues in late night jazz joints. Unlike his brothers, young Alain would like nothing better than to help run his dad's station. But the Boss won't have any of it; this is too tough a neighbourhood for a 14-year-old to be left in charge a of a service station. A series of misfortunes hits the Champlain gaz bar. (...) The year is 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall signals a "new world order" dominated by globalization, free trade and a focus on the bottom line. But at the Champlain gaz bar there is still no real cash register and life goes on at its usual pace. The Boss sees the bandwagon passing by but he'll be damned if he'll hop on