Pauline et Paulette

Directed by: 
Pauline et Paulette (Lieven Debrauwer)

Pauline is a 66 year-old simpleton; she cannot read, write, or even speak correctly. She lives in a Flemish village somewhere between Brussels and the Belgian coast. Pauline’ s older sister Martha has been taking care of her ever since their parents passed away. Then Martha suddenly dies. Martha left a will stipulating that all her worldly possessions and the proceeds of the sale of her house would go to one surviving sister: the one who takes care of Pauline. Both sisters are interested in the inheritance but neither one (not Paulette who has a little shop in the village, nor Cécile who lives in Brussels) wants to take care of Pauline… Pauline idolizes Paulette. But Paulette tries with all her might to remain insensitive to this excessive admiration. Day in and day out, she shoos away that simple-minded sister who keeps coming to visit her at the shop. Will Pauline finally get her way with Paulette? (Directors' Fortnight)