Utazás Jakkabal

Journey with Jacob
Directed by: 



István was not admitted to university in lack of vacancy for students. Although he would be able to get in through the contacts of his father, he chooses complete liberty instead. With his companion, Jakab, he tests fire extinguishers across the country, roving on the cost of the state and hunting women. They witness how a drunkard cantor, who pretends to be a teacher, sings a song for a drink, make an empty-headed, greedy, sociologist-to-be university student pretending to be an intellectual ashamed of herself and they fight with a caesaromaniac warden. The aimless adventures, the empty survival through "little stupid pleasures" lead to a point where even the fire extinguisher fails and István abandons Jakab to start towards a different kind of life. (Hungarian Natiional Digital Archive)