45th Zlín Film Festival

International Film Festival for Children and Youth
29.05.2005 to 04.06.2005

Die Ökumenische Jury in Zlín 2005


Fourteen Sucks

The jury awards its prize to this film about Swedish teenagers for the story of a fourteen years old girl who is raped at a party by the best friend of her brother. The jury liked its authentic style, showing us the importance of real love and family relationship four young people. It shows, that every human being has the right to love and to be loved, but not to be abused.

In Orange
In Orange
Directed by:

A film for youth which in our opinion is very recommendable for children too. It is a story about a twelve years old boy, who plays soccer and has to deal with the sudden death of his beloved father. It is a sensitive movie for a large audience with a poetic kind of view to the Ups and Downs of life, which touches both mind and soul.