44th Zlín Film Festival

International Film Festival for Children and Youth
30.05.2004 to 05.06.2004


The Blind Flyers
Directed by:

In captivating images with deep symbolic meaning, the spectator is introduced to the world of the blind. An immigrant boy seeking for shelter is helped by a blind girl and they learn to know each other's life. The film is created with a wonderful sense of humour and lack of sentimentality. Outstanding artistic means are here in the service of a deep humanistic message.

The Farmstead Custodian
Der Hüter des Bauernhofes
Directed by:

Using a documentary related film language and excellent camera, this work shows how a microcosm of human relations can be changed by a person who has the magical ability to seriously take care of his fellow human beings. In a suggestive way, the film reflects the fragile social situations and developments in the post-communist countries.