26th Warsaw International Film Festival

08.10.2010 to 17.10.2010

The members of the jury: Denyse Muller (left, behind), Marek Lis (left, front), Jos Horemans (right, front) and company

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On Childhood
Directed by:

A touching dramatic story with an universal challenge that deals with the difficult conditions of children deprived of security and stability due to the behaviour of adults, men in particular. A protest against violence: only by acting responsibly, evil will not dominate and a glimpse of hope may appear for families in distress.

Directed by:

Through an outstanding performance of the leading actress, the director portrays the struggle of a courageous woman. In spite of rejection, she is decided to give her existence a new start when reunified with her son. The deliberate structure of the screenplay leads the audience to believe in a positive perspective for her life.