Visions du Réel 2013

44th Festival international du cinéma Nyon
19.04.2013 to 26.04.2013

The Jury with INTERFILM President Hans Hodel (middle), left to right: Jörg Taszmann, Lucie Bader Egloff, Shafiq Keshavjee, Houda Ibrahim

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Awards of the Interreligious Jury

Directed by:

For its beautiful quest in which youth and tradition complement each other as well as the individual and the community. This enables the village to open up again to the world. The film maker`s starting point is his native village. The rural roots vanish and new inhabitants live in a self imposed closure. Without being nostalgic the director offers a vivid regard of an ongoing change of transformation.

The Shebabs of Yarmouk
Directed by:

For its authenticity and poetic and touching language. The film maker approaches the reality of the enclosure in a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. His work touches the dreams and the deceptions of a group of young people to overcome with courage and hope the doubts and difficulties of a whole generation.