Visions du Réel 2007

13th Festival international de cinéma
20.04.2007 to 26.04.2007

The members of the Interreligious Jury, from left: Robin Gurney, Benjamin Ruch, Claudia Kaufmann, Guy Bedouelle

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The Jury awards the Interreligious Film Prize to "Welcome Europe" by Bruno Ulmer for a film dealing with an issue which today concerns us all, the problem of emigrants, who, through various experiences confront reality that contrasts with their dreams of paradise in Western Europe; for the fact that this experience shows them rejected and completely disillusioned; for the cinematographic technique with its disturbing images, its pertinent innovations that match the subject, and its strict respect for human dignity.

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The Jury awards the Special Prize of the John Templeton Foundation to the film "State Legislature" by Frederick Wiseman for its depiction of local democracy at work in the State of Idaho; the virtual absence of political party posturing; the broad content of the discussions; the public display of prayer and personal concern; the cinematic quality of both images and sounds; the skilful editing which encourages attention over a long period of time.

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"State Legislature", a film by the celebrated American filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, has won the John Templeton Foundation Special Prize worth 5’000 Swiss Francs, at the International Film festival "Visions du Réel", 20-26 April, in Nyon, Switzerland.