Visions du Réel 2006

12th Festival international de cinéma
24.04.2006 to 30.04.2006

The members of the Interrelgious Jury, from left: Charles Martig, Julia Helmke, Saïda Keller-Messahli, Robin Gurney


Voices of Bam

The Interreligious Jury awards its Prize, endowed with CHF 5’000 by the Catholic Church in  Switzerland and the John Templeton Foundation, to the film in competition "Voices of Bam", by Aliona van der Horst et Maasja Ooms, for reminding us, that after the news cameras have gone, natural disasters leave behind shattered lives to rebuild, difficult questions about God, and decisions to be made, physical and ethical tasks to endure, and losses to be mourned and remembered, as life goes on. The film impressed the jury by its artistic use of photos and voices which bring the dead back to us.

Our Daily Bread
Directed by:

The Interreligious Jury awarded its Special John Templeton Prize for a film on Science and Religion, endowed with CHF 5’000 by the John Templeton Foundation, to the film in the section “Tendances” "Our Daily Bread/Unser täglich Brot" by Nikolaus Geyrhalter. 

Showing the advanced use of technology to produce foodstuffs economically, this film brings us face to face with the exploitation of Creation and our relationship to the earth and its resources. Using images alone, the film opens up the possibility of an unending dialogue related to the industrial use of scientific progress, a lost paradise, and the need four our daily bread.