44th International Film Festival Molodist

25.10.2014 to 02.11.2014
Trois cœur (Three Hearts)

© Thierry Valletoux

Trois cœur: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Benoît Poelvoorde

In spite of the difficult situation in the Ukraine the International Film Festival Molodist in Kyiv took place also this year. It opened on October 25 with „Trois cœur“ by Benoît Jacquot (out of competition). In the international competition for long feature films the festival presented 12 entries, along with 25 entries in the international short film competition and 27 entries in the international competition for student short films. A speciality of the festival is the "Sunny Bunny" competition with LGBT films.


Awards of the Ecumenical Jury


Based on a real-life story he film tells about the struggle of a committed woman lawyer, Meaza Ashenafi, defending freedom and rights of a girl abducted and raped because a traditional custom allows it. The film takes place in Ehiopia of 1996, in a society where unjust customs became a social rule. It is a movie about courage when facing violence and social injustice and fighting them.

Anywhere Else
Directed by:

The movie tells the story of a young Jewish woman experiencing a personal crisis, returning from Germany where she has studied to her homeland and to her family in Israel. It is a positive picture of a family in which a human being can find consolation and support. Reconciliation of social and historical divisions, as between Jews and Germans, is difficult and may last for generations, but it is possible: This is the clear message of the film.

Last Time Paris
Directed by:

The short fiction film shows in a humanistic and touching way the issue of growing old as well as feelings, needs and longings of elderly people. It depicts a relation of mature love and respect of an adult daughter to her aging mother.

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