30th International Film Festival Kyiv

21.10.2000 to 29.10.2000



This is a film about an old couple, who, when they were young, met in a concentration camp. We recommend the film for its excellent and precise story-telling. The motif and the theme of the “echo” is communicated very clearly in images, movements, sounds and words. The acting too is precise and moving. There is no talk of resignation.

Seaside, Dusk
Directed by:

"Seaside, Dusk" is a realistically told story about lonley human beings searching for a way through life. The mere fact that the blind young man begins to tell a story changes his life and establishes a new realtionship to the woman from Rügen. The film is well acted, and the idea that story-telling may help human beings to establish relationships and to solve vital problems appeals to us.