34th Film Festival Max Ophuels Prize

Festival of German-Speaking Young Film
21.01.2013 to 27.01.2013

The festival was founded 1980 by Albrecht Stuby and named after the famous film director Max Ophuels who was born in Saarbruecken. Ophuels, a German jew, emigrated in 1933 to France and later to the US to escape Nazi persecution. A Protestant INTERFILM Jury exists since 1985.

The INTERFILM Award at the 34th Max Ophuels Prize goes to "Fünf Jahre" (Five Years) by Gregor Schaller. Festival winner is "Der Glanz des Tages" (Shine of Day) by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel.

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The jury (from left): Julia Helmke, Harald Koberg, Marisa Villareale, Brigitte Affolter

Awards of the INTERFILM Jury

Five Years
Directed by:

This is the story of a man who was a prisoner in Guantanamo for five years. The film shows a particular section of this time. Acted convincingly and shown from a nightmarishly real perspective the film provokes questions about humanity and dignity. It sets its own testimony against an enforced confession – a plea for the power of will and against oblivion.