46. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

01.07.2011 to 09.07.2011
Karlovy Vary

The Ecumenical Jury with the winners of the Commendation, from left: Milan Šimácek, Catherine Wong, Jes Nysten, Waltraud Verlaguet, Pau Barbeau (producer), Ali Ammar (actor), Joseph Bou Nassar (actor), Reinhold Zwick, Jan Elias

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Awards of the Ecumenical Jury

Cracks in the Shell
Die Unsichtbare
Directed by:

Through the dramatic story of the young actress Fine, who always used to be the "good girl", especially to her handicapped sister who catches all the love of the mother, the film points out a common issue: Kindness can be an obstacle to find ourselves. Struggling for her role in theatre, she is pushed to face her dark sides, very different from what she seems to be. Accepting this, and going through threatening feelings, she cracks the shell, becoming visible as a person, now able to be really "good", both on stage and in life. The brilliant performance of the main characters gives this film its reliability.

Romeo Eleven
Directed by:

This feature film debut gives us a sensitive portrait of a young man, living in a community of Christian Lebanese immigrants in Montreal, in his search for identity and love. After the catastrophic wrecking of his hopes to overcome his physical restrictions and his family’s expectations by cyber-dating as "Romeo11" he is able to start anew in acceptance of his limitations. A story that can happen everywhere, told with high cinematographic artistry.