43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

04.07.2008 to 12.07.2008
Karlovy Vary

The award winner Nan T. Achnas (with medal) with the jury members (f.l.) Monica Lienen (Switzerland), Helena Zvolská (Czech Republic), Karel Deburchgrave (Belgium), Lucia Cuocci (Italy), Werner Schneider-Quindeau (Germany) and Jan Elias (jury president, Czech Republic).

Awards of the Ecumenical Jury

Directed by:

Set in modern day Indonesia, "The Photograph" tells the story of Sita, a country woman forced to work as a prostitute in a big city in order to support her sick grandmother taking care of her child. Sita finds shelter in the studio of an old photographer with a tragic past. The photographs reveal the truths and lies of their lives. We honour this beautifully photographed film in which guilt can be confessed and caring for each other becomes essential.