48th International Short Film Festival

02.05.2002 to 07.05.2002


The Ecumenical Jury awarded their Prize in Oberhausen 2002 to "Suka" (Bitch) by Igor Voložin from Russia, a film about the war in Chechnya, and Commendations to "Je m'appelle ..." (My name is ...) from Stéphane Elmadjian and "Sidet 'v škafu" (Sitting in a wardrobe) by Tania Detkina. "Suka" also received a Commendation from the International Jury, which also awarded a Grand Prize to "Je m'appelle". The winner of the Grand Prix of the city of Oberhausen was "Dream Work" by Peter Tscherkassky (Austria 2001).

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Directed by:

IIn his documentary from the war in Chechnya, the director creates a closeness to the portrayed soldiers without cynical distance or moral manipulation. With a high level of personal commitment, he provides insights into an independent apparatus of violence that no longer needs any enemies to turn people into perpetrators and victims.

To sit in a wardrobe
Im Schrank sitzen
Directed by:

Tania Detkinas's description of a fateful family visit testifies true empathy with the characters and their defining conditions, without any speculative melodrama. In doing so, the director finds an unused pictorial language, lively and precise.

My name is...
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Through an innovative interweaving of words and images, the film "Je m'appelle" invites us to look at people with a feeling for their stories and to hear stories with attention for the people in them. It demonstrates that life stories are always suffering stories too, which can not generally be legitimized by promises of freedom.