9th Golden Apricot International Film Festival Yerevan

08.07.2012 to 15.07.2012

The members of the Ecumenical Jury (left to right) Kristine Greenaway (INTERFILM), Ricardo Ruiz de la Serna (SIGNIS), Armine Ghalachyan (Festival jury coordinator), Bishop Gevork Saroyan

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Awards of the Ecumenical Jury

If Only Everyone
Directed by:

This film addresses the legacy of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. A young woman’s search for her soldier father’s grave sets off events that lead to forgiveness – of oneself and of "the other" – through dialogue and reconciliation. It is about how we can come to see our common humanity even in those once seen as only as the enemy.

Future Lasts Forever
Directed by:

The story of a young musicologist’s trip into a Kurdish region of Turkey to gather elegies becomes a sequence of encounters with images and testimonies of violence and survival. As such, it speaks to the fate of minorities throughout the world. This film explores the process of discovering and reclaiming history and identity and points to the importance of the preservation of symbols of faith.