4th Golden Apricot International Film Festival Yerevan

09.07.2007 to 14.07.2007

In 2007, an Ecumenical Jury attended the Golden Apricot Film Festival in Yerevan for the first time, with the presidents of INTERFILM and SIGNIS, Hans Hodel and Peter Malone, as international members, and Father Gevork Saroyan, seminary lecturer (and later Bishop) of the Armenian Church, as local member.

Awards of the Ecumenical jury

A Story of People in War and Peace
Directed by:

1994. Film journalist Vardan Hovahannisyan spends five days filming resistance  fighters on the Azerbaijan border, sharing their harsh conditions and dangers,

2005. He tracks down and interviews survivors, discovering their consequent traumas (prison, divorce, madness) inter cutting  them with the war footage: A vivid Armenian picture of and comment on all wars.

Directed by:

Screamers are rock concert fans. Screamers is also code for social protesters. Journalist Carla Garapedian follows rock band “System of a Down” through Europe. Descended from survivors of the 1915 Armenian genocide. They are articulate in their message lyrics and their personal, historical and political views.

While Armenia is central, there is focus on other 20th century genocides and interviews with presidents, authors and survivors. Consciousness-raising, conscience-prodding on human rights, politics, economics, coverups and silence.


More about the festival

In his comprehensive report jury member Peter Malone describes the character of the festival and his experiences as member of the first ecumenical jury in Yerevan.