26th FilmFestival Cottbus

Festival of East European Cinema
08.11.2016 to 13.11.2016

The members of the Ecumenical Jury, from left: Stefan Förner, Rita Weinert, Charlotte Timmermanns, Gatis Lidums (Foto: © Thomas Goethe)

The Ecumenical Jury has awarded its Prize to "Kills On Wheels" by Attila Till From Hungary. The film was chosen as winner by the FIPRESCI Jury of the international film critics as well. The International Jury of the festival gave its Prize for Best Film to "Zoology" by Ivan I. Tverdovskij.

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Kills On Wheels
Kills On Wheels
Directed by:

Is it allowed for an ecumenical jury to give it's prize to a hit man? Probably not, even if he sits in a wheelchair. We give the prize to a dead serious movie that is finally not about hit men, but about the power of the human spirit, the will to life and the passion to never give up. Drawing comics for the real hero of the movie is not an escape but coming to grips with reality. With great respect the filmmakers take seriously the situation of handicapped people.