14th FilmFestival Cottbus

Festival of East European Cinema
02.11.2004 to 06.11.2004


Directed by:

The Budapest Metro gets a gripping parable of the hidden dimensions of human existence - regarding social as well as psychological aspects. Precisely the director connects the blackest depths of our society with those of the human soul. Sharply plumbing their perils he never loses touch of the hope for deliverance.

More about the festival

No other European festival is better positioned than Cottbus to measure the depth and range of the current film revival in Central and Eastern Europe. Abetted by the smart programming skill of festival director Roland Rust, the 14th FilmFestival Cottbus (2-6 November 2004) – aka the 14th Festival of East European Cinema – was again a must-visit event for critics, cineastes, and fest directors interested in keeping apace with the hundred or more important productions released annually in filmlands stretching from the former German Democratic Republic to Kazakhstan in Central Asia.