57th Locarno International Film Festival

04.08.2004 to 14.08.2004
Ökumenische Jury Locarno 2004

The Ecumenical Jury at the 57th Locarno International Film Festival (from left): Florence Desmazures (President), Jean-Pierre Hoby, Lavinia Mohr, Silvia Rapisarda, Anita Uzulnice, Thomas Kroll

The film "Yasmin" by British director Kenny Glenaan is the winner of the Ecumenical Jury at the Locarno film festival. The jury awarded the film for the convincing identity of a young Pakistani woman. Above all, the film also draws a lively and touching portrait of the Muslims in England and is full of wit and irony despite the difficult subjects. This is thanks to the lively contact between the Muslim actors (laypersons as well as professionals) and the film team: the intensive exchange of experience has given the film a high degree of authenticity. The film crew was added to the Pakistani community during filming in October 2003 and was able to realistically reproduce the atmosphere in the film.

The prize is for the first time endowed with 20,000 SFr. tied to film distribution in Switzerland. The prize money is provided by the Protestant-Reformed and Roman Catholic churches in Switzerland.

In addition, the Ecumenical Jury awarded a Commendation the Italian film "Private" by Saverio Costanzo. He also won the festival's main prize, the Golden Leopard. The jury of the organisation of international film criticis (Fipresci) awarded its prize to the Japanese competition entry "Tonî Takitani" by Jun Ichikawa.


Directed by:

After September 11, Yasmin experiences an awakening and a reconciliation with her cultural heritage. The rediscovering of the Koran starts an authentic faith journey and gives her the possibility to affirm herself truthfully. Yasmin courageously seeks a way to be herself both in her Pakistani immigrant community and in the surrounding Western society

Directed by:

»Private« gives us a view of a Palestinian family who refuses to leave their home occupied by the Israeli military. Their non-violent resistance is based on a paternal conviction. The private interior view illuminates the different attitudes towards daily life in a war situation. This gives us a sign of hope for our world today.

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The 2004 Locarno International Film Festival took place 4 to 14 August in one of the most rain-filled 10 days of its 57 years.  The outdoor evening screenings in the Piazza Grande...